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We promote excellence in the marine technology sector, providing maximum customer satisfaction through research and innovation and thanks to our substantial experience and know-how.

This is the mission of Officine Del Bello, a company founded in 1946, which now has over forty highly skilled workers, craftsmen who continue to produce products requiring a high degree of technical workmanship. Seventy years of experience and expertise in the field of metal structural work and frames and the leading manufacturer of Class A and B fireproof and watertight doors.

To confront the rough seas of the global markets challenge, ODB rides the wave of Made In Italy ingenuity, namely, that exclusive special creative element which sustains technological innovation, transforming services and products into high-performance customised solutions by combining functionality with style.

Italian Quality Project

Italian Quality Project

Customer Satisfaction

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The group: winning synergy

In 2014, MBM identified the well-established Italian company Officine Del Bello as the perfect partner with whom to create a group; one in which their two complementary visions would offer the market sector a new benchmark in design and production.

Today, ODB and MBM become a single entity: a new brand as well as a unique production and commercial strategy which combines the identity of the two companies, enhancing its potential in the global market.

The coming together of ODB’s 70 years of activity with MBM’s almost 30 years of experience make it unique in the marine equipment industry.
Our business acumen, together with design and manufacturing skills reinforced by that unbeatable Italian ability to address and resolve problems in an innovative fashion, ensure that the Group is capable of meeting the most demanding and challenging contracts in the global market.

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Officine Del Bello started operations in 1946 in Sagrado, in the province of Gorizia. Initially, activities focused on metalwork and woodworking, producing frames and metal products for the construction industry. In 1963 the company moved to Romans D'Isonzo and in the sixties, Officine Del Bello began specialising in metal structural work for the naval sector.
In the seventies, production of class A and B fire doors began, and in the eighties this was extended to the manufacture of large automatic sliding fire doors powered by pneumatic and electrical systems. At the same time, the company started to produce sandwich-type, self-supporting panels for bulkheads, composed of steel sheets and mineral wool. The manufacture of fixed glazing and glass fire doors was also added during the next decade. Since 2014, Officine Del Bello has been a part of the MBM Group.