Class A fire doors

These represent the highest level of fire protection required on ships. They consist of stainless steel or sandblasted and primed iron door frames, 5 mm thick, with or without rounded edges to be welded onto the bulkhead; they are equipped with a sandwich type door, in 12/10 galvanized sheet metal insulated with mineral wool and stainless steel outer frame. They have three stainless steel or galvanized iron hinges and a stainless steel lock, the handles are in stainless steel or a high melting point chrome alloy.

Class B fire doors

Generally used as entry doors for cabins, offices and places where Class B fire protection is required. They consist of a 15/10 flanged plate, iron door frames made for attachment to the mounting wall and a sandwich type door in 10/10 iron plate insulated with the appropriate density mineral wool and a stainless steel outer frame. They have three stainless steel hinges, a stainless steel lock and chrome-plated brass handles and plates. The threshold cover strip is stainless steel.

A60 rated sliding fire doors

Manufactured to A60 rating covering all on board requirements and generally produced in sizes larger than hinged doors. These are provided with a counterweight and air brake for manual operation and are also available with electromechanical controls. Both single and double doors are available.

Class B sliding fire doors

Manufactured to B15 rating with Dorma type electromechanical operation. Available in several sizes, more than the hinged doors.

Watertight Doors

Normally designed for onboard use in areas with access to outside decks. These are doors which ensure re resistance and at the same time guarantee high impermeability. They are also an effective solution for houses at risk of flooding.

Stainless steel exterior doors

Doors without a fire door classification but with the same characteristics. Used in all external locations where splash protection is required or in high-humidity locations where the usual iron door cannot be employed.

B15 rated glass walls

These consist of an outer frame of tubular metal with a special insulating inner core, reproof glass and glazing bead edging. Employed with the B15 doors, these windows are used in the construction of shops, gyms, etc.

B15 rated glass fire doors

Employed as a closure for shop entrances, gyms, conference rooms, etc., these consist of a frame on 3 sides for double or single doors, the doors are based on a tubular structure with a special insulating inner core, reproof glass and a glazing bead edging. Upon request, we can also customise the windows.

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